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Tuesday March 07 2017 08:51 AM

MS Ireland has made a detailed submission to the HSE Corporate Pharmaceutical Unit on Sativex. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the people with MS who completed our short survey on Sativex in January/February as the information collected from this has helped us to develop our submission. Download our submission   

We will keep our stakeholders informed of any updates on this as we get them.

This submission has been developed by Harriet Doig, Information Advocacy and Research Officer. Questions and comments can be directed to harrietd@ms-society.ie

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Author: MS Ireland

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Friday March 10 2017 19:53

Can ye pls try get this to cork pls . My brother in law could badly do with this ..it could ease his pain a lot . He has twon boys who are just 1 and he has my beautiful godchild who is 4.. if keith could get this it would make some difference to him. He would be able to play more with his kids and do the things that he loved doing before. He loved painting the house and being very organised with there home. He is a grt grt man and to have this drug would be amazing.
For once would the goverment not be thinking of money in there pickets and think of all the people that could have this drug and could very easily live a better life.

Joan Jordan

Wednesday March 15 2017 13:42

Good letter. Interested in the response. #PatientsInvolved Thanks for sharing.


Wednesday March 29 2017 20:28

I thought that medecinal canabis had been passed as per the attached article on RTÉ website ??
The Dáil has passed a bill to make cannabis available in Ireland for medicinal use, after the Government said it would not oppose the legislation.

Put forward by People Before Profit TD Gino Kenny, the bill seeks to legalise and regulate cannabis products, which are used for medical purposes.

Speaking after the bill was passed, Mr Kenny praised Minister for Health Simon Harris for his position in not opposing the bill, while thanking all of those who supported the legislation.

Earlier Mr Kenny said his bill intended to make cannabis available to those with chronic pain, epilepsy, cancer, MS, fibrmyalgia and, under a doctor's recommendation, would help to alleviate symptoms of illness.???

A number of my friends thought the same as they made some comments to me about it.

Can any one explain the difference between the two announcements ?

MS Ireland

Thursday March 30 2017 15:41

Dear Declan,

Thanks you for your enquiry.

The medicinal cannabis bill has passed the first stage of the Dáil and will now proceed to committee stage. There are still a number of stages that it would need to go through before it becomes law. In the meantime, the Health Products Regulatory Authority released the report on medicinal cannabis which recommends the establishment of a compassionate access programme. This would not require legislative change as proposed in the Bill. MS Ireland will provide any further updates on the establishment of the compassionate access programme as we get them.

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