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Christmas with MS


In this week's MS and Me blog Joan looks at big hetic life events like Christmas when you have MS. She said 'This is not meant to be a sad blog. It’s about admitting that stuff happens during the year but lots of amazing, wonderful and unexpected things happen too' Without a doubt, the bes...

Published by Joan Jordan on Thursday December 18 2014 11:05 AM

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Sleep vs Rest


'I go to bed tired, I wake tired, I slog through the day tired…' Trevis Gleason explores the difference between sleep and rest'. The View From Here: Opinions on a Life with MS There are many things in the coming weeks that will wear down even the heartiest of minds and bodies. Shopping, ...

Published by Trevis Gleason on Thursday December 11 2014 09:40 AM

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Bladder Dysfunction


There’s something about bodily functions dysfunctioning that strikes fear into all of us. Bladder and bowel control are one of the earliest things we learn as a toddler. They’re possibly one of the last things to go if we get very, very old or ill. In the middle of all that are people...

Published by Helen Farrell on Thursday December 04 2014 11:10 AM

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Mammy Come Out to Play


Writing blog posts for the 'MS and Me' website usually cost me nothing but my time and perhaps a bit of chipped nail varnish. This one has cost me hard cash. Let me explain. Given that I am writing about my children's understanding of their mother having Multiple Sclerosis for this blog, I decide...

Published by Lucina Russell on Thursday November 27 2014 11:10 AM

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Am I Progressing?


'Yes my MS is but I am not beaten into submission' Multiple Sclerosis is a peculiar illness. It has a myriad of signs and symptoms that affect everyone differently but a discussion of the range of signs and symptoms is for another day. There are three basic forms of MS; Relapsing Remitting MS (R...

Published by Declan Groeger on Thursday November 20 2014 11:00 AM

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Marking and Measuring One Year of MS & Me


'MS & Me Blog marks one year by looking back and looking forward' Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes; that’s how the cast of the musical Rent marked the passing of one year. As the MS & Me Blog celebrates one year since our first post, we thought we’d take ...

Published by Trevis Gleason on Thursday November 13 2014 11:02 AM

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