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From time to time the government, HSE or other agencies review various policies, schemes and areas of work affecting health, social or community services. As part of the consultation process the public and interested agencies are asked to comment. 

As part of MS Ireland’s advocacy and campaigning work we represent the experience and issues of the MS community by providing submissions. Below are a number of submissions we have made to various agencies.







In May 2014, we submitted our response to the Public Consultation on the White Paper on Universal Health Insurance (UHI). It is important to note that this submission represents only an initial response by MS Ireland to the proposed introduction of UHI. 

As a member of the DFI we have actively contributed to the above submission and will continue to support its key action calls (below).

1. Improve income and activation supports for people with disabilities.
2. Improve resourcing of disability services and other supports available in the community that enable people with disabilities to live independently and with dignity.
3. Ratify the United Nations Convention on the Rights for People with Disabilities (UNCRPD) without further delay.

As a member of the NAI we have actively contributed to the above submission and will continue to support its key action calls (below).

The NAI pre budget submission calls for key action in the following areas:
1. Discretionary medical cards
2. Focus on community healthcare, including addressing long waiting lists for physiotherapy etc
3. Funding for community neurorehabilitation teams
4. Funding cuts to neurological charities
5. Social protection measures to support people with chronic illness and disability
6. Housing adaptation supports to enable people to remain living independently


In September 2013,  the Department of Health had requested submissions on the change to the legislation to the Misuse of Drugs Regulation, 1988.


In 2011, we submitted our opinion in relation to Sativex, a new cannabinoid drug, (cannibis derived treatment), which has been licensed and made available for the symptomatic treatment of MS in other countries, and how legislation should be enacted to allow for its licensing in Ireland, to help alleviate the symptoms of people with MS therapeutically.  


In Setptember 2009, we made a submission in reference to the development of the Positive Ageing Strategy, highlighting the issues for older people living with MS, and the need for greater resource allocation to meet their needs. 

In February 2009, Ms Ireland submitted a brief to the NESF outlining the situation for carers of people with MS in Ireland, highlighting the issues relating to the Home Care Package model, as well as providing recommendations in relation to improving the implementation of the scheme. 


In April 2008, MS Ireland made a submission in reference to the National Strategy for Carers, outlining the vital role that carers play in supporting the needs of people with MS. It also outlined the greater need for resource provision to ensure those that need care, get care.  


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