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Willeke Van Eeckhoutte

Willeke lives in Clonsilla after moving to Ireland from her native Belgium in 2002. Diagnosed in 2005, she was intent on being a voluntary advocate for people with MS after her retirement 4 years later. Willeke has been described as inquisitive, tenacious and very independent. She hopes to keep on writing when her eyes permit her to, and to help others see sense in what is often MS-nonsense

Helen Farrell

Helen is relentlessly curious about life and lives in Dublin with her family. She was diagnosed with MS in 1998. Taking care of her, understanding the importance of life balance and maintaining a great attitude are all part of her prescription for a great life. She works part-time as a librarian; being surrounded with books it is no surprise she is passionate about lifelong learning, challenging herself whenever she feels stagnation setting in.  

Trevis Gleason

Trevis lives in the wilds of West Kerry. He was diagnosed with secondary-progressive multiple sclerosis in 2001. The Former US Coast Guard navigator has been a food journalist, university instructor and culinary consultant - he is a classically trained chef.  As a long-time blogger on the topic of living with multiple sclerosis and advocate for people living with MS, Trevis has cultivated a vast resource of connections in the MS world. His blog for MS Ireland, "The View From Here: Opinions From a Life With MS", will use those resources to delve beyond the headlines and deeper than the press releases. You may not agree, you may think he's spot on, or you may think he's off his nut. Whatever the case, he's always worth the read.  

Declan Groeger 

Declan lives on the outskirts of Cork city. Declan is an accessibility activist raising awareness and bringing about change so that everyone, wheelchair user, people with different abilities, can live independent lives. He is an optimist who really enjoys travelling, engaging with his world and making sure he attends the gym and pool three times a week. 

Joan Jordan

Joan is 41 years old and was diagnosed with M.S four years ago. Joan lives in Louth with her lovely husband Niall and two equally lovely children Lily and Aidan. Joan studied Computer Linguistics in Trinity College and enjoyed the challenges of a career in IT. Her weakness is good coffee (and chocolate...... and wine)! 

Aoife Kirwan

Aoife is a visual artist based in Co. Kildare. During her studies her work brought her through the depths of mental health which lead Aoife on a different path, not studying Psychotherapy. The inner-workings of the mind are of huge interest to Aoife and she hopes to delve further into her studies in the future. As an artist, Aoife finds delight in working creatively and therapeutically, whatever the medium.  

Niamh McCarron

Niamh lives in Donegal on the North West coast of Ireland. Niamh works from home and delights in all things technological.  In her free time she loves to use her hands by making jewellery, quilting and other ‘crafty’ things. She’s also an avid reader with a fondness for downloading many missals onto her trusty Kindle

Emma Rogan

Emma Rogan lives near the sea in Co. Dublin and grew up near the Hill of Tara in Co. Meath. Challenging personal expectations, she won the Vodafone World of Difference and spent 2013 raising awareness and public understanding of living with MS. Diagnosed with Relapsing Remitting MS in 2007, Emma began her Quest for Health- eating well, exercising often, education, minding her mental health and taking time to live. She is the founder of the Dublin Meetup Group, a social group for people with MS that meets every month.

Lucina Russell

Lucina has just turned fabulous forty. She works full time as an arts officer with a local authority, with a particular interest in Arts and Health. Originally from Co Meath, Lucina lives in Athy, Co Kildare. She is a keen gardener, who battles to keep an acre in Poppy Cottage under control. Lucina has 6 year twins, Leon and Mya. She was diagnosed with RRMS in 2011 

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