Trekking Tips

Sinéad was our physiotherapist on our 2012 Camino trek so she knows what it takes to prepare yourself. If you're walking with us this year check out her tips below and you'll be ready in no time!

Tip 1 - Get walking
Walk as much as you can in your hiking boots and socks before you go, on as many different types of terrain as possible, even if you’re only going down to the shop. It’s best to get used to the feeling of your boots before you begin a trek.

Tip 2 - Treat your feet!
Thick calluses or corns can crack and become a problem. It’s important to keep the skin on your feet tough but elastic by using some good skin cream. You'll need the callus as padding against blisters but you may want to remove excessive build-up. Keep toenails trimmed and free from ingrown or sharp edges.

Tip 3 - Take the weight off
Air out your feet regularly, at least at the lunch break, but more often if possible to keep them clean, cool and dry. Include a soak in a stream if you can but try to ensure your feet are completely dry before hiking again.

Tip 4 - If in doubt, take your boots off!
Stop and remove dirt, sand or debris that gets in your boots immediately. It’s better to prevent blisters forming than to treat them afterwards! Always stop and rest your feet when they feel hot, tired or sore. Remove your boots to allow your feet to cool down and dry off. Alter your hiking pace or adjust the tightness of your boots.

Tip 5 - Use tried and tested treatments
Lubricating the skin can prevent blister formation due to abrasion. Apply any lubricant liberally to your feet in any area that is prone to blistering. Vaseline works well! Well-known blister pads may seem like the best way to prevent blisters in Irish climates but in hot climates they can be a bit of a disaster - they can melt and fold up and may cause more problems than anything else!

Tip 6 - Change your shoes
You may want to bring a pair of runners in case your hiking boots get uncomfortable. It can be a really comforting change for sore feet. Don't forget a pair of flip flops or sandals for evening time!

Top Tip - Stop and take it all in!
Remember to look up and enjoy the scenery! You will be walking through some of the most breathtakingly beautiful places on this planet so be sure to take a minute to enjoy the scenery!!

Got a tip?

If you have any tips you think we should share with Team MS Ireland send us an email!

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