Pain Management

Massage and exercise have been used to address pain, as has acupuncture, a technique where special needles are inserted into the body at certain points and at various depths and angles.

Acupuncture is based on the theory that particular groups of acupuncture points control specific areas of pain sensation. Acupuncture should always be done by a practitioner with specialised education and training in the technique.

Passive range of motion can be given, as well as stretching to ease pain associated with spasticity. Transcutaneous Nerve Stimulators (TENS) is a small machine that delivers a high, medium or low buzzing or vibration to a painful area.

The theory is that the buzzing sensation minimises the sharper pain sensation. Application of heat or cold, pressure stockings and isotonic gloves can minimise neuropathic pain, especially at night. Change of position and positioning support can prevent and minimise pain. Distractions can also be helpful. Arrange for visitors.

Consider laughing out-loud videos and cartoons (a whole movie may require too much concentration). Explore relaxation and meditation (audio tapes are available to assist with this practice). If your loved one is able, hypnosis and biofeedback might also be potential strategies.

What options are available if nothing we are doing is managing the pain?

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