MS can be a disabling condition and can, over time, affect the ability of a person to carry out certain types of work. Some people, particularly those newly diagnosed, find no need for any changes to their job or working pattern, others benefit from some tailored adjustments and some may decide to change jobs to something more suitable, or leave employment all together.

MS can be unpredictable and progressive, it can be hard to plan your career and make decisions about your working life. Making any changes to your working arrangements should be carefully considered and in consultation with your family and/or employer. 

There can be small ways in which a person with MS can be facilitated in the workplace. Moving furniture, changing shifts/introducing flexible working arrangements, allowing more rest breaks, and alternating duties can be cost effective ideas. If the disability becomes more significant, the employee and employer will need to find other ways to support participation in the work place.

Telling your employer can be a difficult task for many people. Some employers may not be disability friendly and disclosing MS can lead to perceived discrimination. However, much legislation and changes in attitudes mean that workplaces are becoming more disability friendly.

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